Pain, Pills And The Workplace

Alberta’s natural resource and safety-first industries pay well, but they also often come with a greater risk of injury. From broken bones to muscle strains, back injuries, and more, PAIN is often a part of the job description.

And with pain comes painkillers.

Before we go any further, I would like to state that painkillers, when taken responsibly, legally, and under the guidance of your healthcare providers, are excellent tools!

However, the risk of substance abuse and addiction is very real, especially with more potent medication. AND just because it is prescribed doesn’t mean it’s safe for long-term use.

So what can you do if you end up injured and prescribed pain medication?

– Follow your prescribed dosage. Even though it can be tempting to take more, please don’t do it without the guidance of your doctor.
– Be honest with yourself. Adopt an attitude of self-awareness and ask yourself, do I need this medication right now, or would I be ok with something less strong? Am I using it because I’m in pain or because I like how it makes me feel?
– Seek pain management help… AKA, use your benefits! Physio, massage, and occupational therapy. There are many ways to reduce pain through a combination of treatments.

Pain sucks. And it’s a part of life. Don’t suffer and self-medicate alone. Get help when you need it.

Sorobey Psychology and Sorobey Assessments are here to help individuals and workplaces in Alberta get the preventative education, assessments, and support they need when facing substance abuse.

And we’re a DM or phone call away.

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Mary Sorobey